Exercises to Enhance Your Penis Size – What You Need to Know

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Men who are obsessed with their penises body secret are those who have PC (pubococcygeus) muscle problems. Having PC muscle problems will directly affect the penile skin, making it appear larger, softer and more supple. Penis exercises are the safest and most effective method to ensure penile growth, the ultimate aim of which is to make the penis appear visibly larger. These exercises and related work are offered by qualified medical professionals as well as thousands of men across the globe, and all of them are absolutely natural and safe.

Here are some of the various exercises to enhance your penis size:

Partner exercising- this is the most common of exercises to enhance your penis size. It can be done alone in the privacy of your home or with just your partner, and will usually take about 10 weeks to see the kind of result you will see. What you need to do is basically to try and contract your PC muscle much like you would your refrigerator, except this time you will be working on your penis size and health. What happens here is that you will be able to increase the size of your penis by a particular amount with constant and consistent effort. Some of the best exercises to practice for this are the Kegel exercises.

Fractionation method- This is yet another of the commonly used penile enhancement methods. It is a tried and tested method and has been very successful in giving average results over the years. What you need to do is to take a wet towel and place it on your penis. Then apply light pressure to the area under the towel very slowly. All the while, focus on the feelings you are getting in the penis. This method can increase your penis size in only a limited time. Like the exercises above, this can also take a limited time to increase the size.

penile exercising program- Of course, there are many penile exercising programs available. Most of them are very specialized and only a few are worth recommending. The kind of exercises you will have to do to make those areas bigger will often require extreme effort and dedication. As such, many men find this penile exercising program boring, and stop to pursue it. Extreme commitment for an average result is usually a deal breakers among men trying to increase their penis size as fast as possible.

Both the juggling act of penis enlargement with other penile exercises and the occasional use of supplements make the penis size more or less sensitive to any outside stimulation. This will also lead to the kind of environment where the penis will be more sensitive to stimulation from anything including your penis. Both of these factors can lead to the development of postural dimples, which then cause pain when the penis is stimulated. This pain then eats away at your ability to enjoy, or even to achieve an erection.

On top of all of this, the psychological effects of frequent soreness and the mental effects from feeling guilty about your penis size, or from not feeling “good” about your manhood in general, can even lead to erectile dysfunction, or the inability to stay erect.

So, the question isn’t really “Can I increase my penis size?”, but “Can you overcome the obstacles that are causing your penis size to decrease?”. It is far easier to increase your penis size, than to overcome the factors above that are weakening your ability to do so. Often the answer to this is simply a vitamin pill or other type of enhancement product, but it is also true that you can significantly increase your ability to stay erect (and your libido and performance as well) by unshackling your problem and focusing on the solutions provided.

Did you know that your PC muscle (located between your scrotom and anus) is the primary muscle responsible for the erections you experience during sexual intercourse? That PC muscle is a Strings attached to your body, and it is flexed voluntarily every time you have an erection. The harder your PC muscle is, the harder your erection can be.

There are two primary strategies that will help you to stay harder longer and erect more frequently. They are the stretch reflex and Kegel exercises.

Stretch reflex (it sounds a bit awkward):

This strategy was started by Masters and Johnson. They discovered that when they applied pressure to the side of the penis where the head meets the shaft, after a couple of weeks, most men could notice a significant increase in the amount of blood flowing into the penis. Was this a placebo effect? No, this was definitely human being proof. More blood means more erection, just as hitting the gym makes you bigger.

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