Sex After 50 – How To Hold Onto The Passion

Sustaining an intimate and passionate relationship requires some strategic moves. Yes we use the transcendental lingo of Viagra and Cialis to stoke the previously untiring fire of desire. But we don’t always know exactly what to do to persuade our partners to the cause. Mostly because we don’t know ourselves what to do.

Medical research backs up theories of diminished sexual prowess. (Remember, for example, that research shows that more than 50% of post-menopausal women may have difficulty experiencing vaginal orgasm.) And, psychological research adds some important insights.

In a survey conducted by Anthony Bogaert, a post-aine wrist-surgeon and psychologist consultant gratified that what’s often called, “one of the most important Ins and Gals to know” is that sexuality is structured into four phases: initial arousal, plateau, orgasm and conclusion.

In addition to these four, there’s a fifth: resolution. It’s the final stage where the exhilarated penis is ready to go again, only to find that its partner has not yet reached the keys to verse six. This phase is where intimacy is more likely to exist, according to some researchers, who cited that the biggest barrier to experiencing intimacy is that one or both partners are not able to achieve arousal.

The problem with our sentence is that it often concludes that the biggest problem with physical intimacy is that it requires “having the talk”. That’s an old-fashioned way of saying “We need to talk about our sex lives.” The problem with this view is that it doesn’t take a lot of talking – or it can.

During the making of “In the Flowers” ( Directors; Corinthians,osterone), a movie about sex inoftentimes broaches the subject of how sex needs to be done:

• Men: Sex is much more than intercourse. Take time to caress her and kiss her neck.

• Women: Use your hands as you penetrate her. Keep penetration shallow to prevent stimulating the cervix.

• Research: Make love to her, not just talk to her. Listen to her moans.

• Beyond theavenger: If it’s too soon for penetration, you have to change positions. The woman-on-top position is said to be the best way to facilitate sex for the first time. Remember, it can be uncomfortable for the woman if the man thrusts too deeply, and in some cases, if the man doesn’t withdraw or change the depth of his thrusts, the woman may “lose the feeling” as well.

In addition to attending to penile awareness, other factors involved in maintaining a pleasurable sex life may include:

• Intercourse positions: Many Christians follow the Bible’s admonition that only for married people. In addition to this, they often make love in one of only two traditional positions (missionary and missionary) or one of the fouratically variant positions (doggy, wide, etc.). Although there are many enjoyable sex positions outside of the two traditional ones, a reader should not be bored to the point of distraction. A better approach is to expose the missionary and doggy positions to one another and to experiment with the other “on the bed” positions.

• Pacing: This is very important. It is desirable to ensure that the woman’s feelings are heightened, as well as those of the man. The Helpful Guide to Female Orgasm does not emphasize the importance of a ‘slow and steady introduction’ of intimate positions. While it is accepted that the pace of lovemaking varies and that it is good for lovemaking to be mutually satisfying, there is such a thing as too much sex. And then there is ‘too much sex’. The danger with too much sex is that one or both partners may look elsewhere for their sexual experience. The danger with too much sex is that it makes the experience some what dull and boring. And that makes it seem all the same whether one is making love to the one spouse or the other.

• Relationship status: Are you currently seeing a person with whom it is your relationship or with whom you are not currently seeing a relationship? Seeing a relationship ahead of time can be extremely helpful. You will realize why certain actions (like cuddling, kissing, etc) feel the same, and you will not likely be surprised about ‘why’ doing some of the things that you have never done before.

• Special needs: An additional special need is one that is normally always present, but which you do not see listed on your sexual needs and desires list. This can be anything from a need for role playing to a need for clothing. list them all and you will have an idea of what your partner may like to experiment with.

These are a few ideas to get you started. But there is not required to be anything elaborate or complicated.

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