PVC Bird Feeder: How You Make A Homemade One Out of PVC Pipe

Are you planning on making bird feeder yourself? There is nothing wrong with that, of course. In fact, if you can make the homemade one yourself, it should save you more money than when you have to buy the new one to begin with. Besides, making one on your own is more fun than you think. Especially with your kids. You can even make it from various things. Now, then, let us tell you how to make PVC bird feeder here.

how to make a bird feeder out of pvc pipe
how to make a bird feeder out of pvc pipe

Getting the Materials Ready to Use

We are going to make PVC pipe bird feeder here. So, there are some materials you should gather to make it. We need wide PVC pipe in short length

  • eyebolt, nut, 2 washers
  • bread plate and saucer
  • primer
  • acrylic/spray paint
  • finishing spray
  • adhesive
  • sandpaper
  • drill and tile drill bit
  • and jigsaw.

At least, these are what you need to make this feeder here. You should be able to find them all in a hardware store.

Cutting Pipe and Making Triangles

To make this feeder made from PVC, you will need to work on the pipe first than anything. So, cut the pipe with jigsaw first. Make sure it is cut 3 inches shorter than the eyebolt. Now that you are done with that, you will have to make small triangle cuts at the bottom edge of the pipe. Make them in whatever size you want by considering how much the bird feed you want to come out from them.

Decorating and Preparing the Pipe

This PVC bird feeder shouldn’t be too plain, so why not going all out then? Sand the rough cuts and the whole pipe, prime them, and let them dry. You can then start to decorate the pipe however you want with acrylic or spray paint. You can always use stencils, paint pens, or others too. Once your design is ready, all you need to do is to spray the entire pipe with finishing spray to finish this step.

Drilling the Plates for Hanging Later

This homemade bird feeder will be hung later, so we need to make holes to hang the feeder later. To do so, you will have to make a hole by drilling the bread plate and the saucer in the middle. You will also need to use tile drill bit to make big enough hole for the bolt to fit in later. Just make sure to not put much force to the plates for they can be easily crack into two if you aren’t carefully drilling them.

Putting All Pieces to Finish the Steps

To finish these steps, you will need to use adhesive to attach saucer on top of the pipe. Then, use the bolt and thread it through the washer and the saucer. Once you are done with that, it would be the time for you to fill the pipe with bird feed. After that, use nut and washer to attach the bread plate on the other end. Turn it over and hang this DIY PVC bird feeder to attract the birds to come over. And try to keep away squirrel with squirrel proof bird feeder. You also can made it by yourself, see How to Make a DIY Bird Feeder Squirrel Guard.

PVC bird feeder can be easily and attractively made on your own. You need to work on the PVC pipe design to make something like that though. I search some bird feeder out of PVC pipe in internet and find good picture below.

bird feeder from pvc pipe
bird feeder from pvc pipe
making bird feeder pvc pipe
making bird feeder pvc pipe
pvc squirrel proof bird feeder plan
pvc squirrel proof bird feeder plan
pvc bird feeder designs
pvc bird feeder designs

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