How to Make a DIY Bird Feeder Squirrel Guard

If you are a bird lover, you certainly have some birds at home. One of the problems for bird lovers is that the risk of squirrel cheating. On the other hand, you need to feed them every day. In this case, you may need to make a bird feeder squirrel guard. You can make it by your own at home and do not need to buy it expensively so that you can save your money. However, you need to know the following guides.

What Materials Needed

There are some materials that you need to make a bird feeder raccoon guard. The first is stovepipe that has 6 inch diameter and 24 inch long stovepipe. It has black color but you can paint it with your desired color. The second is stovepipe end cup where it comes with 6 inch diameter end cup so that it fits to the stovepipe. Then, you also need to prepare three or four sheet metal screws that come with a half inch long. Another material needed is hose clamp that is small enough and fit around the feeder pole.

stovepipe to make baffle bird feeder
stovepipe to make baffle bird feeder

What Tools Needed

Besides those materials, there are some tools that you need to prepare to make a DIY bird feeder squirrel guard. In this case, you will need to use a screwdriver. Then, you also need to prepare a drill. Some other tools like pliers, clamp, or vice are also needed. Besides that, you also need to have large drill bit where the diameter is larger than the feeder pole. The last tool you need is small drill bit where it should be smaller than sheet metal screws. It will be used to drill the pilot holes.

How to Make a Bird Feeder Squirrel Guard

After all the materials and tools are prepared completely, now you can start making a bird feeder squirrel guard. It is not as easy as you imagine. However, if you follow these, you can do it. There are some steps that you need to follow. Firstly, you can start by drilling a hole in the end cap center carefully. You have to keep your hands away or the drill will cut your hands. After that, you can continue it by fitting it inside the end cap snugly. Then, you should drill the pilot holes on the end cap sides.

drilling a hole in the end cap center

Next, you need to attach the screws rightly. Tighten them to hold the stovepipe and end cap together. The next step is to slip baffle on the pole. The baffle top should be around 4’ up to 5’ off the ground. Then, mark the pole on the baffle top and then raise baffle. Next, you should attach the clamp of hose to feeder pole. You can use the screwdriver. Lastly, you can install the baffle now. That is all the steps how to create a bird feeder squirrel and raccoon guard. Hopefully, you can follow the steps above rightly.

Enjoying Feeding Your Birds

Now, you can practice creating your bird feeder based on the tutorials above. You can make more than one bird feeder. It depends on how many birds you have. A bird feeder should be for one bird. The size can also be adjusted to your desire. With these bird feeders, you can enjoy feeding your birds anytime you want without worrying a squirrel will cheat your birds.

squirrel and raccon guard for bird feeder
Squirrel and racoon guard for bird feeder
homemade squirrel guard for bird feeders
homemade squirrel guard for bird feeders

Bird feeder squirrel guard will be very useful for you who love birds. It does not matter wherever you live because your birds are safe from any animal, not only squirrel but also raccoon, cat, and other animals that like eating birds. Maybe you have other best way to keep squirrels away from birdfeeders? Write in the comment form below.

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