Granite Bird Baths: Types, Buying Guide and Cleaning Tips

Backyard can be a great place in house to gather with your family. Some details should be available in your backyard to make it completed, cozy, beautiful, comfortable and satisfying. Besides gazebo and garden lamp, granite bird baths can be a great choice for your backyard. Besides playing its function as the architectural detail, birdbath also invites birds to drink and take a bath naturally. Your backyard will be more natural and beautiful with birds coming.

Granite bird basin is made from such impressive granite boulders that will blend naturally into any kind of landscape in your own. The basins have a smooth ground finish that is completed with a natural edge and a polished rim. It will be perfect for your backyard. It also becomes an adorning architectural detail to your backyard.

Granite bird baths is different to other decorative bird baths that you can consider for backyard. It only deals with good maintenance. You only need to clean and fill it regularly. The price is not as high as other item. Furthermore, it has various types that you can pick for your own place. Basically, the difference between each type is placement. Let’s find out!

Pedestal Vs. Ground Birdbaths

pedestal granite bird bath with fish
pedestal granite bird bath with fish

Pedestal birdbaths are bird baths from granite that are completed with bowl and a base extending to the ground. The water will be lifted off the ground to the varying levels. The purpose is protecting the birds from predators. It also serves as decorative details in your backyard or garden. On the other hand, ground birdbath sits on the ground directly. It has a flat bottom that provides a steady base. You can place this bath in various places in your landscape.

granite bird bath bowl in the ground
granite bird bath bowl in the ground

Hanging Vs. Fountain Birdbaths

Hanging bird basin from granite refers to a bowl which has particular mechanism to suspend it. You can put it on a post or tree branch. It is also a great choice as the birds can be protected from predators on the ground. Meanwhile, fountain birdbath is a bowl with a base that resembles pedestal version. The fountain elements offer water movement that may attract more bird.

By having granite bird basin, more birds will be attracted to visit your backyard. It is not only a kind but also various kinds of birds that will come and spend the time in your space. They will be happy as they don’t need to search for water source elsewhere. Robins, wrens, bluebirds, swallows, waxwings and other fruit or insect eating species will probably come for water you serve though you don’t prepare any feeder. Therefore, you should be aware of several things to consider for your birdbath.

granite bird bath for sale
granite bird bath for sale
  1. Size and Depth

The wider and bigger bird bath from granite you have, the more birds are attracted to your backyard. It will be fun and amazing. However, you should be aware and considerate of cleaning. Wider and bigger birdbath also means more effort and time to keep clean. Besides, you also need to ensure that your birdbath is not deeper than 2 to 4 inches which equal to 8 to 10 cm. The edges should be shallower and the slope should be gradual. Most birds never take a bath in water with above breast height.

  1. Bottom Surface

The best granite bird baths is a birdbath that has rough or textured bottom surface. It will make birds comfortable while bathing. On contrary, slippery and slick bottoms are not preferred as it makes the birds uncomfortable. When the birdbath you buy has a smooth bottom, you can use coarse sandpaper to rough it up. Add some natural rocks or stones or pebbles plus other kind of non-skid application. Therefore, the birds can enjoy their time bathing in your place.

  1. Placement

Raccoons, dogs and cats are the greatest threats for birds. It would be better for you to place bird basin from granite away from those threats. Keep the birdbath elevated will be safer as it will be hard for cat or dog to drink and make it dirty. Raise the birdbath off the ground as possible. The thick cover that can be place for predators to hide should also be away. The ideal place is under or nearby a tree. The tree provides shade that keeps the water cool. The tree also can be the best place for bird to perch before or after bathing. You also can put birdbath near bird feeder placement.

granite koi bird bath
granite koi bird bath
  1. Sound

For your information, birds are more attracted to trickling and moving water like river, stream, and babbling brook than stagnant and silent water. Therefore, you can have a fountain for granite bird basin. Add built-in pumps or dripper that makes sounds to attract the birds. Besides attracting more birds, sound of moving water can make you relaxed and calm.

carved granite bird bath image
carved granite bird bath image

As you have found out some considerations to think before buying granite bird baths, now let’s learn how to clean birdbath. If your birdbath is dirty, it will be hazardous for the birds that often come to your backyard. Besides uninteresting, the contaminated and stagnant water may also carry disease that possibly spreads to the entire backyard flock. It will smell bad and attract unwanted pests like rats, mice or even the annoying mosquitoes.

Water in bird bath from granite can be contaminated by several factors which we mention as “contaminants” like seeds or seed hulls, feces, leaves, grass clippings, algae, dirt and dust, feathers, and other debris. The larger backyard flock and the smaller the bath, the faster the water will be contaminated. You have to clean it regularly. People commonly clean the birdbath by scrubbing that takes more effort and time. However, we offer the alternative cleaning way you can take. It only takes about 20 to 30 minutes. We have listed the required materials.

  • Hose with pressure setting
  • Black plastic bag
  • Chlorine bleach
  • And, of course, dirty birdbath

You can start by dumping the available water from the birdbath. The contaminated water often contains organic materials like dirt, algae, or feces. That’s why dumping the water nearby plants or flower is safe. However, make sure that you don’t damp it nearby spilled seed or bird feeders. The next thing to do is rinsing the basin with hose nozzle for about 10 to 15 seconds. It will remove the stuck loose dirt, feces, and debris. The granite bird basin will be cleaned thoroughly.

As you have cleaned the basin, refill it until it is almost full. Add a generous cupful of bleach carefully to the water. Make sure that the bleach is not spilled onto nearby grass or plants. Don’t ever let it splashed onto any fabrics or clothes. Pour the bleach slowly and mix it thoroughly. You can use a twig or stick to do it. Use the black plastic bag to cover the basin so the birds will not come and drink the bleached water. The sun heat will be absorbed by the black plastic bag and the rest dirt will be removed. As you finished, remove the plastic bag and rinse the basin once more. Let it dried and refill the granite bird baths to attract more bird. Finally, this amazing architectural detail for your backyard landscape is cleaned thoroughly without scrubbing. The birds will come once more and take more bath.

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