The Procedure for Cleaning Bird Feeders to Offer Your Wild Friends Healthy Snacking

Even if you don’t own the wild birds that keep coming for free snacking at your home, don’t you care about their health at all? Bird feeders can get dirty and might accumulate diseases after quite some time. If you don’t want less and less bird to come snacking at your home, you should put your care for cleaning bird feeders at least once a month. Let us tell you the proper procedure to do so below.

cleaning bird feeder
cleaning bird feeder

Detach the Feeder from All Its Parts

The first thing you will need to do to make bird feeder clean is to detach the feeder from all its parts. If it is water bottle feeder, you will have to detach the hook, the twine used for hanging, the bottle lid, and the spoon or anything that holds the feed that comes out from the small holes. It goes the same with other kinds of feeder as well. Besides, it would be a lot easier to clean the feeder this way.

Soak All Parts of Feeder in A Bucket

Now that you have detached all of the feeder’s parts, you will need to prepare a bucket of water. Then, add about a teaspoon of liquid soap in it. Just soak all of the feeder’s parts in it. Leave them all there for as long as 10 minutes. This should make things easier for you to clean every part thoroughly later. Bird feeder cleaning must be thorough so that the diseases don’t accumulate in.

Scrub All Parts to Remove the Dirt

Cleaning bird feeders won’t be enough with just you soaking the all of the feeder’s parts in a bucket of water that has been mixed with liquid soap. Soaking won’t clean stuck-on dirt after all. So, you will have to do the scrubbing here. For that purpose, you have to use scrubbing brush to remove the difficult dirt. Use gloves if you have to. Just make sure that you get the dirt out from the feeder parts.

Rinse and Soak All Parts of Feeder

Once you are done taking care of the dirt, you have to rinse all parts of the feeder in clean water. This should help you deal with the slippery surface on them caused by the liquid soap before. Don’t stop here though! Cleaning feeder of bird should then be done in a bucket of water added with 4 cups of vinegar. Just soak all parts of the feeder in it, but be sure to do it for as long as one hour.

Rinse All the Parts One Last Time

The step we have for you here will be the last one to finish this cleaning procedure here. The very thing you will need to do this time is to rinse all the parts once more with clean water. This last time of rinsing will completely wash everything from all parts of the feeder, like the soap earlier or the vinegar just now. Cleaning bird feeders will finish once you are done following this last step here.

If your DIY bird feeder is milk carton, toilet roll paper or something that would be damaged when exposed to water, so made just one more time. So, cleaning bird feeders is better done to offer healthy snacking for wild birds. Doing it at least once a month will prevent diseases from accumulating.

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