Bird Cage with Bird Baths for Bird Lovers

Bird is one of the most interesting pets. That is why there are many people who pet birds. There are many kinds of bird and different people may love different birds. Whatever the bird you pet, you need to have a bird cage. Bird cage is available in various designs. One of the best designs is bird cage bird baths. This is a model of bird cage that comes with bird bath inside. If you are interested in this bird cage, you need to pay attention to this article.

Why Should You Choose Bird Cage with Bird Bath?

As we know bird cage functions as a house of your bird. So, it can protect your bird from other animals such as squirrels, cats, or other animals that can eat birds. With a bird cage, your bird will be safe from them especially if the bird cage is made from steel. In addition, you can also consider hanging the bird cage on the ceiling so that other animals will be difficult to reach it. Bird cage with bird bath will not only protect your bird but it will be more beneficial.

bird bath for bird cage
bird bath for bird cage

Bathing bird is very important. It can keep your bird clean and healthy. In fact, bathing bird can also keep the bird away from germ or anything else that can cause diseases for bird. Usually, people bathe their birds on the bathroom or by spraying the birds with water sprayer on the bird cage. This is actually very exciting. However, if you are busy enough, you can consider bird cage bird baths. This model of bird cage allows the bird take a bath by its own in the cage. So, you do not need to bathe your bird because there is a bird bath in the cage.

How to Choose Bird Cage with Bird Bath?

Nowadays, bird bath inside bird cage is available in many stores. So, you can buy it easily. If you are interested and want to buy this bird cage model, you should decide whether you want to buy via online or offline. After that, you should also adjust it to your budget because the prices are different from one cage to another. Some bird cages and bird baths have different colors. It does not matter so that you can choose your desired color.

In relation to the material, you should choose one that is strong enough. Steels may be the strongest option but woods are also good. If you maintain it well, the bird cage and bird bath will be durable. Lastly, you also need to decide the size of the bird cage you choose. Bird cage bird baths usually have larger size than common bird cages that come without bird baths. For the size, it depends on your desire. You can adjust it to your bird size. Make sure that it is spacious enough so that your bird will feel free to move.

Bird Cage with Bird Bath Size and Price

Talking about bird bath in bird cage cannot be separated from the size. What is the ideal size of this model of bird cage? There is no certain ideal measurement for this. It depends on your desire whether you want to buy the small option, medium, or larger one. For example, the larger one will measure 38 centimeters x 24 centimeters x 28 centimeters. In inch measurement, it is 14.94 inches x 9.45 inches x 11.02 inches. You can consider smaller than it or even larger.

Then, you also need to know the cost needed to spend to buy this cage model. What is the price range of this bird cage? The prices are affected by many factors such as materials, durability, size, where to buy, etc. So, it is difficult to guess the price range. However, commonly bird cage bird baths range from 50 up to 100 dollars. For example, a large bird cage that comes with bird bath in 38 x 24 x 28 cm is priced for about 78 dollars in the USA. This price is reasonable so that you should prepare that money.

How to Make DIY Bird Cage with Bird Bath

Even though bird cage that gas bird bath is sold in many stores, you may consider make it by your own. In fact, DIY bird cage will cost much more affordable. The first idea is that you buy a bird cage that is affordable and big enough. After that, you buy a bird bath that is also cheap. Then, install the bird bath in the bird cage manually. This will be easy and simple but the reduction of cost may not be significant.

So, you can try the second idea that is to make it manually. Firstly, prepare the woods or steels you will use. After that, connect them so that it becomes a bird cage. Do not forget to make a cage door. Then, make a bird bath from a bowl and a bowl Tupperware. Next, install the DIY bird bath in the DIY bird cage. This is easy, is not it? However, it may take a few hours because it may be a little bit complex. Anyway, you can also make DIY bird cage bird baths.

Tips for Bird Cage with Bird Baths

The best time when you bathe your bird is in the morning or afternoon. So, because you have a bird cage that comes with bird bath, you do not need to bathe the bird. However, you need to fulfill the water into the bird bathe in the cage. So, let the bird taking a bath freely, usually when the weather feels so hot.

Besides that, you also need to keep the bird bath clean. Therefore, you need to clean it up every day. You also need to replace the water in the bird bath every morning so that the bird will take a bath with clean water. With these tips, your bird cage bird baths will be durable and your bird will be healthy.

But I think, best idea for bird lover is let bird free in the wild. We can add some kind of bird feeder just like bird feeder from pvc and add decorative bird bath near our house to attract bird come to our garden.

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